Saturday, August 1, 2009

I am a Proud Nana!

On July 26th, I got the privilege of being present with my grandson Braden as he followed in the steps of Jesus Christ and made public his profession of faith of Jesus Christ! Braden is my oldest daughter, ShaRhonda's son. He is my 4th grandchild to choose Christ as his Lord and Savior! I am such a proud Nana!
Me & Braden
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer days with Grandkids

Father's day was good at our house. Jason and his family and Steph and hers all made it over for dinner after church. We had hamburgers and hotdogs. Jason and Liz left, but their four got to stay and spend the night, plus Monday and part of Tuesday. Steph brought Rowdy and Cody over Monday about 9:00. My original plans were to have all 6 grandkids Sunday night through Tuesday and we were going to start out with Monster Blood by R.L. Stine's Goosebumps on Sunday night and believe me we probably only watched them a zillion times or so it seems, we have to find some new ones. They all really love to watch them. Tristan, Seth, Mika, Judah, Papa and I watched Horrorland on Sunday night. Almost forgot Seth, Tristan and Mika rode bikes from our rent house to the park and(well actually Mika ditched her in about 2 blocks)rode for about an hour around the walking trail at the park while Mika and Judah played on the slides and merry go rounds. Seth has now got the hang of riding that bike!!!!
On Monday we were up bright and early outside by 8:30 playing on trampoline, had lunch and then off to the Healdton Pool. I took all 6 grandkids, ranging from not yet 2(Judah-boo) to almost 12(Tristan)my big helper. Tristan, a natural in the water, knew he was going in the big pool, Seth not quite sure, made up his mind when he saw the kidding pool that he was not going to play there, but I had told him he had to be able to touch in the big pool or could not stay in it. He was not quite tall enough. God always has a backup plan. There was a man with his two kids(a little girl about 7 and his son) he saw that Seth wanted in and he had an extra life jacket and offered it to him. He truly was a lifesaver for us. The man (never did get his name) got Seth to go down the slide and needless to say Seth and Tristan did not bother Nana and the other four in the kiddie pool. The four younger ones thought the little pool had been made just for them. In and out they played for almost 2 hours!!! Home we go for down time and supper (only two take a short nap, don't want them up all night). Outside we go after we have spaghetti and garlic bread for supper and play in the jeep (Tristan pushing Judah, Mika and Rowdy), on the swing set and jumping on the trampoline (this is their favorite, but have to make them take turns because of the littler ones). We finally came in about 9:30, got them all baths, snacks and on to more Goosebumps. All were asleep by 10:00, except for the two who took that short nap
(Mika and Rowdy!!!)
Tuesday they slept until about 8:00 and wanted to go outside, but I decided Nana needed her cappuccino first!! They had a wonderful breakfast of chocolate milk, brownies and oatmeal cream pies. WE reeaally do eat nutritious at my house!!!
It was really a fun couple of days. They were all really great. Mika has already planned our next outing (a girls night when Jadyn comes home from her dad's and Aunt ShaRhonda brings Kaybrie down). Next week the hubby and I will be traveling to Sioux City, Iowa with ShaRhonda and her children. We will also travel on to South Dakota for my niece Jill's wedding. Catch you all up when I return sometimes after the 4th of July.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sisters Vacation

What a week we had!!! Started off with annual family reunion at Atoka(Boggey Depot Park) on Saturday the 6th. What a great day we had with all of our families there(brothers and sisters) and thier grandkids and two of my Dad's Sister(Aunt Stella's) daughters, Opal Faye and Louella. Some played volleyball and then there was those who just sat, talked and ate!!!
Pat and I went on to Gracie's that night and got up bright and early(11:00 O'Clock) and left for Houston to spend the week at my niece's(Shawn) house. She has a one room apartment and a wonderful swimming pool. Can you guess where we spent a majority of our time!!
Monday we layed around the pool for a while, then we went shopping and then Shawn took us out to eat Mexican. We had a wonderful relaxing day. Tuesday pretty much the same. Wednesday, Huh lets see oh yeah, went to our first Major Leauge Baseball game at the Astro Dome. Astros were playing the Cubs. It was such an exciting adventure, sitting up in the bleachers hollering for no one in particular, just who ever did something good. The Astros are a pretty weak team this year, the Cubs on the other hand are pretty impressive. Shawn's Church (Church of the Episcapalians) was honory fans for the day or something like that, so Shawn had gotten us tickets and t-shirts. We had popcorn at the ballpark as they say. It truley was an awesome adventure!! Thank you Shawn.
On to Galveston we go. I thought it was wonderful. The water was warm and Pat and I waded out as deep as we could(could feel the undercurrents) so back we go. Would have loved to played with the waffer boards and rode the waves, but was having to much trouble with shoulder, maybe next time. Seagulls were everywhere. They would come right down and eat out of your hands. We walked for awhile and then went on to a boardwalk in Keland which is not to far from the Ocean. Here we had a truely amazing time riding on a boat out int Galvaston Gulf, going on a roller coaster(oh how we all hurt afterwards) taking pictures in a booth built for one(o.k. maybe two if you are really, really small) The most wanted was our theme. Took pictures with Spoonge Bob and then we ended the day riding the ship that goes up two hundred miles in the air(o.k. maybe not quite that high) and rocks you back and forth. All Pat could say to the man below us, was stop it, I want off now, stop it, let me off. As you can see we did have a wonderful day. It truely is fun sometimes to just be a kid and have fun. Friday(did something none of us had never done)We all had an hour massage. Oh was this relaxing.
Saturday our last day we just layed around the pool and then about 4:00 we went and had a manacure/pedicure. What a wonderful vacation.
Sunday on our way home(yes we had to come home and we did get up early 7:30 and got ready to leave)we stopped at Bubba's Barbaque & Steak Place. You pick out your own steak, take it to your table, when they come by you tell them how you want it cooked. Needles to say this was also very good!!!!
Got home about 11:30 Monday and oh what a week we had, My Sisters and Me.

Can't leave out Shawnie Shawn as she is called by my grandkids, she was a great host and such fun to be with. She was our own personal driver and driving in Houston is not much fun!!! But as you can tell we all got home safe and sound(only a few bruies and aches).

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nana's Chronicles of Memorial Week 2009

Where to begin?
ShaRhonda and her two, Braden and Kaybrie came down to start our anual fishing trip (the guys all go fishing at Lake Texoma with Papa) and we girls have our own vacation of sorts. ShaRhonda stayed until Tuesday then went back to Broken Arrow leaving Kaybrie with me. Steph came over everyday with her two, Jadyn and Rowdy. Liz brought her two youngest ones over Wednesday, Mika and Judah. All of the little ones spent the night with me and then on Thursday morning we continue our journey and off we go to Aunt Gracie's (the farm as all the kids call it. )Judah stayed with his mom, but Jadyn, Rowdy,and Mika loaded up and away we went. We rode 4 wheelers, swam, petted the baby calf (only had one in the pen), rode bikes in the mud holes and yes moms, walk through the mud holes left from the previous rain. Almost forgot, Mr. Carter and his Mommy came down and all the kids were bringing Carter home with us. Tonya came in from Church camp and got to play with us for a little bit, but anyone who has ever gone to camp knows the first thing one does is sleep when you return!! We had a wonderful 2 days at the Fergueson's Dairy.
It was such fun having the little ones and watching them get to be kids without having to worry about all the things that go in the towns and cities. We came home Saturday, stopped at Sonic in Madill and had hamburgers and tator tots. Met Liz at Blockbuster gave her Mika and homeward bound we were again. Steph was waiting for her two (Jadyn and Rowdy) Oh, did I forget to mention this was the first time Mika and Rowdy had gone out of town with me and needless to say they were both wonderful. I really don't think the guys had near the fun we did. They all were home before we were. Caught some fish not the normal but they (Braden, Tristan, Seth) still had a blast just being included on the trip. I think there were just about as many water mocassins killed as fish were caught!!!! Sunday (Braden, Kaybrie, and I) went to Church. Monday , ShaRhonda came back to pick up her two, but no we still haven't completed our vacation, off to Tristan's baseball game we head (7:45). They lost but still had a good time. Tuesday, ShaRhonda packs up all her kiddies stuff (this in itself was a chore, we can never seem to find all the things she sends with them) and away they go to Broken Arrow. I hated to see them all go,but we all had a wonderful time and can't wait until next year when its fishin' time again. Took lots of pictures,but left my camera at the Farm!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The "Hunny" Bird's

My grandbaby's are not calling my Hummer's humming birds, but instead "Hunny" bird's! I was able to catch these shots with my oldest DD's camera out the window, I just adore feeding time!

Isn't modern technology amazing? This shot was a little blurry, but a "must have", so with a little bit of enhancement from Picasa, it turned out great!

Thank you Lord for all of your Creations, all great and small You are Amazing God!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Finally got away for the weekend to see the grandkids and of course daughter and son-in-law!!!

Got here about 11:00 O'Clock Friday night. Babies were all in bed. ShaRhonda and I talked until four in the morning. Braden woke up his usual 6:30 and went to Kaybrie's room and watched cartoons until we got up at 7:30, Ms. Kaybrie looked over at me and said "hi Nana". Braden finally came and gave me loving then. Kaybrie's birthday was the 31st of Januaray, but because she was sick we did not get to come up, so brought her present up with us. She saw it on the counter and brought her little bench in to get it. Her most favorite thing of all was her ($1.00 )hi-heels from The Dollar Store. We now are fixing to leave and go watch are super star basketball Braden play at 11:00 o'clock. After the game we girls are going shopping!!!

Kaybrie & PaPa trying on the high heels!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Can't start a new blog without some pictures of why I called this the treehouse......these pictures should tell it all!
These are pics of two of my grandchildren, Jadyn & Braden.