Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nana's Chronicles of Memorial Week 2009

Where to begin?
ShaRhonda and her two, Braden and Kaybrie came down to start our anual fishing trip (the guys all go fishing at Lake Texoma with Papa) and we girls have our own vacation of sorts. ShaRhonda stayed until Tuesday then went back to Broken Arrow leaving Kaybrie with me. Steph came over everyday with her two, Jadyn and Rowdy. Liz brought her two youngest ones over Wednesday, Mika and Judah. All of the little ones spent the night with me and then on Thursday morning we continue our journey and off we go to Aunt Gracie's (the farm as all the kids call it. )Judah stayed with his mom, but Jadyn, Rowdy,and Mika loaded up and away we went. We rode 4 wheelers, swam, petted the baby calf (only had one in the pen), rode bikes in the mud holes and yes moms, walk through the mud holes left from the previous rain. Almost forgot, Mr. Carter and his Mommy came down and all the kids were bringing Carter home with us. Tonya came in from Church camp and got to play with us for a little bit, but anyone who has ever gone to camp knows the first thing one does is sleep when you return!! We had a wonderful 2 days at the Fergueson's Dairy.
It was such fun having the little ones and watching them get to be kids without having to worry about all the things that go in the towns and cities. We came home Saturday, stopped at Sonic in Madill and had hamburgers and tator tots. Met Liz at Blockbuster gave her Mika and homeward bound we were again. Steph was waiting for her two (Jadyn and Rowdy) Oh, did I forget to mention this was the first time Mika and Rowdy had gone out of town with me and needless to say they were both wonderful. I really don't think the guys had near the fun we did. They all were home before we were. Caught some fish not the normal but they (Braden, Tristan, Seth) still had a blast just being included on the trip. I think there were just about as many water mocassins killed as fish were caught!!!! Sunday (Braden, Kaybrie, and I) went to Church. Monday , ShaRhonda came back to pick up her two, but no we still haven't completed our vacation, off to Tristan's baseball game we head (7:45). They lost but still had a good time. Tuesday, ShaRhonda packs up all her kiddies stuff (this in itself was a chore, we can never seem to find all the things she sends with them) and away they go to Broken Arrow. I hated to see them all go,but we all had a wonderful time and can't wait until next year when its fishin' time again. Took lots of pictures,but left my camera at the Farm!!!

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  1. It does sound like you had a great time! Thanks for taking Mika to Gracie's and I know she really enjoyed her time with you.