Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sisters Vacation

What a week we had!!! Started off with annual family reunion at Atoka(Boggey Depot Park) on Saturday the 6th. What a great day we had with all of our families there(brothers and sisters) and thier grandkids and two of my Dad's Sister(Aunt Stella's) daughters, Opal Faye and Louella. Some played volleyball and then there was those who just sat, talked and ate!!!
Pat and I went on to Gracie's that night and got up bright and early(11:00 O'Clock) and left for Houston to spend the week at my niece's(Shawn) house. She has a one room apartment and a wonderful swimming pool. Can you guess where we spent a majority of our time!!
Monday we layed around the pool for a while, then we went shopping and then Shawn took us out to eat Mexican. We had a wonderful relaxing day. Tuesday pretty much the same. Wednesday, Huh lets see oh yeah, went to our first Major Leauge Baseball game at the Astro Dome. Astros were playing the Cubs. It was such an exciting adventure, sitting up in the bleachers hollering for no one in particular, just who ever did something good. The Astros are a pretty weak team this year, the Cubs on the other hand are pretty impressive. Shawn's Church (Church of the Episcapalians) was honory fans for the day or something like that, so Shawn had gotten us tickets and t-shirts. We had popcorn at the ballpark as they say. It truley was an awesome adventure!! Thank you Shawn.
On to Galveston we go. I thought it was wonderful. The water was warm and Pat and I waded out as deep as we could(could feel the undercurrents) so back we go. Would have loved to played with the waffer boards and rode the waves, but was having to much trouble with shoulder, maybe next time. Seagulls were everywhere. They would come right down and eat out of your hands. We walked for awhile and then went on to a boardwalk in Keland which is not to far from the Ocean. Here we had a truely amazing time riding on a boat out int Galvaston Gulf, going on a roller coaster(oh how we all hurt afterwards) taking pictures in a booth built for one(o.k. maybe two if you are really, really small) The most wanted was our theme. Took pictures with Spoonge Bob and then we ended the day riding the ship that goes up two hundred miles in the air(o.k. maybe not quite that high) and rocks you back and forth. All Pat could say to the man below us, was stop it, I want off now, stop it, let me off. As you can see we did have a wonderful day. It truely is fun sometimes to just be a kid and have fun. Friday(did something none of us had never done)We all had an hour massage. Oh was this relaxing.
Saturday our last day we just layed around the pool and then about 4:00 we went and had a manacure/pedicure. What a wonderful vacation.
Sunday on our way home(yes we had to come home and we did get up early 7:30 and got ready to leave)we stopped at Bubba's Barbaque & Steak Place. You pick out your own steak, take it to your table, when they come by you tell them how you want it cooked. Needles to say this was also very good!!!!
Got home about 11:30 Monday and oh what a week we had, My Sisters and Me.

Can't leave out Shawnie Shawn as she is called by my grandkids, she was a great host and such fun to be with. She was our own personal driver and driving in Houston is not much fun!!! But as you can tell we all got home safe and sound(only a few bruies and aches).

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  1. Sounds like fun! Glad you enjoyed your getaway!!