Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer days with Grandkids

Father's day was good at our house. Jason and his family and Steph and hers all made it over for dinner after church. We had hamburgers and hotdogs. Jason and Liz left, but their four got to stay and spend the night, plus Monday and part of Tuesday. Steph brought Rowdy and Cody over Monday about 9:00. My original plans were to have all 6 grandkids Sunday night through Tuesday and we were going to start out with Monster Blood by R.L. Stine's Goosebumps on Sunday night and believe me we probably only watched them a zillion times or so it seems, we have to find some new ones. They all really love to watch them. Tristan, Seth, Mika, Judah, Papa and I watched Horrorland on Sunday night. Almost forgot Seth, Tristan and Mika rode bikes from our rent house to the park and(well actually Mika ditched her in about 2 blocks)rode for about an hour around the walking trail at the park while Mika and Judah played on the slides and merry go rounds. Seth has now got the hang of riding that bike!!!!
On Monday we were up bright and early outside by 8:30 playing on trampoline, had lunch and then off to the Healdton Pool. I took all 6 grandkids, ranging from not yet 2(Judah-boo) to almost 12(Tristan)my big helper. Tristan, a natural in the water, knew he was going in the big pool, Seth not quite sure, made up his mind when he saw the kidding pool that he was not going to play there, but I had told him he had to be able to touch in the big pool or could not stay in it. He was not quite tall enough. God always has a backup plan. There was a man with his two kids(a little girl about 7 and his son) he saw that Seth wanted in and he had an extra life jacket and offered it to him. He truly was a lifesaver for us. The man (never did get his name) got Seth to go down the slide and needless to say Seth and Tristan did not bother Nana and the other four in the kiddie pool. The four younger ones thought the little pool had been made just for them. In and out they played for almost 2 hours!!! Home we go for down time and supper (only two take a short nap, don't want them up all night). Outside we go after we have spaghetti and garlic bread for supper and play in the jeep (Tristan pushing Judah, Mika and Rowdy), on the swing set and jumping on the trampoline (this is their favorite, but have to make them take turns because of the littler ones). We finally came in about 9:30, got them all baths, snacks and on to more Goosebumps. All were asleep by 10:00, except for the two who took that short nap
(Mika and Rowdy!!!)
Tuesday they slept until about 8:00 and wanted to go outside, but I decided Nana needed her cappuccino first!! They had a wonderful breakfast of chocolate milk, brownies and oatmeal cream pies. WE reeaally do eat nutritious at my house!!!
It was really a fun couple of days. They were all really great. Mika has already planned our next outing (a girls night when Jadyn comes home from her dad's and Aunt ShaRhonda brings Kaybrie down). Next week the hubby and I will be traveling to Sioux City, Iowa with ShaRhonda and her children. We will also travel on to South Dakota for my niece Jill's wedding. Catch you all up when I return sometimes after the 4th of July.

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